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How to recover stolen Mobile?

[Help Section]


Trrrrrng...... goes my alarm in the morning. I wake up with a start! I glance at the clock and I realize that I am insufferably late for my work. My usual day! I rush through my activities and I run to the bus stop to catch a bus to my work place. Finally the bus arrives. The bus was packed and I have to squeeze myself inside. After 15 minutes of toe traumatizing, back breaking journey, I finally made it to my destination. I casually reached out for my mobile to check out for updates. I realized that my mobile is not there in my bag!!! I rechecked the whole bag, rummaged it, to find my mobile, turned it upside down with a hope that it might be there. After a lot of checking, my grey cells have finally accepted that I lost my mobile.

This a situation encountered by many of us. Now the question is what are we supposed to do in this situation as we have lost not only a mobile but all our contacts and data? The whole world was in that mobile! We have lost all our contact with the world because no one knows how to contact us? Now lets do some damage control and work out on what is supposed to be done next.

Firstly try calling up your mobile because if your mobile is lost and is picked up some good Samaritan there are chances of getting it back. If the phone says it is switched off then you can confirm that your mobile is stolen.

Once it is confirmed that it is stolen go to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint giving him all the information, description about the mobile, where you think you have lost it, if you have an activated mobile tracker and finally the IMEI number of your mobile. IMEI  is an unique number specific for every mobile device just like your bank account number. Any call made through your mobile can be traced back to it along with the location with the help of this number.

If you are not aware of your IMEI number you can call your mobile operator who will assist you in giving you the information. Collect a copy of the FIR copy provided. Then visit your network operators outlet, file a complaint that you have lost your mobile along with the SIM. The reason for doing this is for the issue of a duplicate SIM and your previous SIM is blocked. You are issued the same mobile number so that you are spared of the expense of losing all your contacts. At least people know where to contact you. If you have a lot of balance in your SIM some network operators do provide a facility of reverting the same balance to your new SIM after blocking the old one. So find out if your operator provides you that facility and apply for the same if he does so. If you are worried about the photos and other data on the phone, most smartphones today have auto data deletion facility, which is initiated after a number of failed attempts to provide password for unlocking the decive. So all is not lost if we did loose our mobile.





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