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How to Track Mobile Location Using GPS?

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GPS stands for global positioning system. It is a network of 24 satellites owned by US Government and maintained by US Air Force which revolve around the earth in Space. The many satellites revolving around the earth make sure that at least four of them are available for communication, no matter where we are on earth. Almost all the modern smart phones contain a GPS chip which can communicate with the ring of GPS satellites revolving around earth. Using this network of satellites and the GPS chip in the smart phone, it is possible to find the current location of the mobile device accurate to a few meters (as close as three meters). There are specialized applications for the same which using the GPS technology return the co-ordinates of the location of the device which can then be viewed on map to find the exact geographical location. The GPS technology is not affected by weather or distance and hence is very reliable in most circumstances to pin point the exact location of the receiver.

Geo-locating is the term used to denote the tracing of location using the GPS technology. It was primarily developed for military use but later graduated to consumer technology, which is now days found on devices costing as low as Rs.3000 (or US$ 50). Using this technology in smart phones it is possible to trace the location of the mobile it case of theft or other unfortunate event. Real time tracking of mobile is also possible using the technology. Most of the popular Mobile operating system contains an app specifically designed for using GPS technology and finding location on Maps. Two most the most popular mobile platforms – Google’s Android & Apple’s iOS contain in built GPS based mobile tracking system which can be accessed via internet on web browsers to determine the current location of the mobile phone on a map, in case of theft or other such events.

Many mobile device manufacturers, like Samsung have also taken initiatives to have their devices with inbuilt tracking system, which alert the original owner in case the default sim is removed or replaced by someone. These mobile tracking softwares are normally based on SMS system and send an alerting SMS to pre-configured number in case the device is stolen or misused. They can also be set to ask for password whenever the sim card is removed or replaced and in case of incorrect password being entered wipe the data in phone and render it dead, or as commonly used term ‘brick’ the device, so that it can not be used any further. This deters thieves from stealing mobile devices as it would be very hard for them to get it function once the original sim is removed; and if it is not functioning its next to impossible to sell it.

GLONASS is a similar technology which is operational fully worldwide and is Russia’s global navigation system similar to US’s GPS.




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