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To buy a Smart phone or Feature phone?

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Feature phones are basic phone with keypads and smaller screen size. They come with in built operating software, often java based which offer little customization and add ons. They are cheap on price and offer basic telephony services like calling and SMS on a budget. They are comparatively easy to operate, especially for older people and offer excellent battery back up time.

Smart phone are a recent phenomenon which tries to offer the features of a computer in a mobile phone. The most prominent feature of smart phones is the ability to check e-mails on them and reply to emails. Smart phones to day are based on mobile operating systems just like desktop computer based operating systems which allow many programs to be installed on them according to the need of the user. These programs are called Apps or mobile applications. Dominant mobile operating systems are iOS-from Apple, Windows- From Microsoft & Android from Google. Smart phones of today come with screen sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. The larger screen sized ones are often called phablets i.e a combination of phone and tablet. These screens are touch sensitive and offer a convenient medium for input instead of traditional key based input. Palm and Blackberry brought the smart phone revolution to masses. With falling prices today a smart phone can be bought for as little as Rs. 3000 or US$ 30 in India.

On comparing a smart phone with a feature phone a significant advantage that a feature phone offers is that of more battery back up and talk time compared to smart phones. Smart phones due to their bigger screen and powerful processors consume more battery and hence offer fewer standby and talk time.

Secondly, a smart phone has a certain degree of learning curve and hence older generations and non tech savvy people feel more comfortable with a feature phone.

Thirdly, a feature phone is very cheap in terms of price and so is light on pocket and in case of any event of theft or other miss happening it causes less financial loss.

Fourthly, Smart phones offer many useful features like GPS, Internet browsing, e-mail access, interactive games etc. all these have become much of a necessity these days than a luxury as few years before; so it makes sense to invest little more and buy a smart phone instead of feature phones.

Of late it has become a trend to have two phones one smart phone and one feature phone. Feature phones are carried while running or workouts and other activities where a phone is prone to falling or damage and the smart phone is used as the main phone for the rest of the day.




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