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Landline telephone numbers refer to fixed line phone numbers. They normally consist of five to eight digits depending on the size and population of the city or town in which they are taken. Indian Government owned BSNL & MTNL used to be the only providers of telephony services until the late nineties, when private players started offering fixed telephony along with mobile telephony services.

Majority of fixed phone number connection and service are still being operated by BSNL and MTNL. Of late there has been a rapid shift from landline to mobile telephony mainly due to declining cost and better service. Fixed landline service customer base is shrinking day by day and is rapidly loosing market to Mobile telephone service providers. Unlike Mobile telephone service providers BSNL and MTNL publish a telephone directory every year which contains the name and address of each subscriber of their fixed phone. Using this directory and owner name and address of a fixed phone number can be looked upon. Landline number trace service strives to offer the same directory look up service online. The number directory is region specific and the same telephone number can belong to two different persons in two different geographies. This area or geography is defined by STD code and in different STD code locations the same number can be offered to different persons, as the STD code for them would be different. Click on the name of the state or city above to browse through the telephone directory of that region. In case you are not able to find the exact city or town name click on the state or city closest to the desired town or city and search.



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