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How to Trace Mobile Number Location Guide

[Help Section]


Q: How to trace mobile numbers?

A: In order to trace mobile numbers follow the following steps:

1.) Have the complete 10 digit Indian mobile number ready with you, that you want to trace.
                2.) Visit mobile number trace starting page here.
                3.) Enter the complete mobile number in the text box.
                4.) Press trace button
                5.) Result will show in the next page.

Q: What does one require to track mobile numbers?

A: One needs to have the complete ten digit Indian mobile number, in order to track. Partial mobile numbers or missing digits in the number can not be tracked and will lead to inaccurate number location results.

Q: Is the mobile number tracking in real time?

A: Mobile number tracking feature is not in real time. The subscriber can be on roaming and out of his/her home circle.

Q: What kind of information about the mobile number does the service provides?

A: The mobile trace helps you identify the service provider of the subscriber, the mobile technology (GSM/CDMA) used and geographical region or home circle of the subscriber.

Q: Is the mobile tracing service free?

A: Yes, the mobile number location tracking feature is completely free to use for personal use.

Q: What precautions should I take while using the tracking feature?

A: One should be careful to not include +91 or 91 in the mobile number input form. Mobile numbers in India start from 7,8,or 9 In case a number does not start with any of these digits than its not an Indian mobile number.

Q: How to track mobile number owner details?

A: To trace mobile number owner name, address and other details you will have to file complain and follow with the telecom service provider company.

Q: I have been constantly receiving missed calls/SMS from a number. How can I trace the caller name and other details to take further actions?

A: In such situations you need to lodge a police complain in your local police station so that with the help of a complaint copy you can approach the mobile service provider to reveal you the details of the particular mobile number.

Q: I have received a call/SMS about winning a prize/gift of high value from an unknown person. What should I do?

A: Most of these are scams which ask people to deposit small amount with a promise of bigger prize or gift later. Avoid such calls/sms and never respond to them.

Q: How accurate is your mobile number tracing feature?

A: The mobile number trace feature on IndiaTrace is pretty accurate but  not 100% accurate. We are working on it to make it much accurate. The number tracking feature gives you a broad idea of the location of the caller.




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