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   Vehicle Location & Owner Trace Service

Trace Indian Car, Bike, Auto, Bus or Taxi Vehicle Location, Type and Other Registration Details from VIN



 Please Enter The Vehicle Number To Trace

            XX      YY  ZZZZZ   Eg. UP-16 A5427


 XX- First two Alphabets. YY- Next two Characters. ZZZZZ-Rest of the characters.

VIN or Vehicle identification number is a unique set of numbers issued to every private and commercial vehicle in India. This number is issued by the regional transport office at the time of registration of the vehicle. The VIN or vehicle number is unique to each vehicle. It is a combination of alpha numeric characters starting with two characters in the beginning. Using the VIN the owner of the vehicle can be identified and located. In case of accident or theft this can be very useful to identify the real owner of the vehicle and report the same to police or concerned authority. Using the vehicle number trace service one can identify the region and specific RTO office information for further vehicle ownership details. The service works for all kinds of vehicles - bikes, two wheelers, cars and commercial vehicle.

Each Vehicle is registered in a specific state or region and for transfer of vehicle from one state to other NOC needs to be released and road tax needs to be submitted for the new region. New vehicle registration number on re-registration in other state  can be obtained. The laws are applicable to both two wheelers and four wheelers. Road tax on commercial and taxi vehicles is generally much more than that on private vehicles. Certain states offer specific number or character series in VIN to commercial/ government and taxi vehicles to identify and distinguish it from private vehicles. The first two characters of the vehicle number denote the state or union territory in India to which the vehicle belongs. In case of army/defense department owned vehicles the the vehicle identification number is prefixed with an upward pointing arrow sign followed by numbers. More information on Vehicle location tracking can be found here. The above Vehicle tracing facility is for India registered vehicles only.



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